Cleofe Palocci

professore associato
Cleofe Palocci, born in Rome 20/09/1962, graduated with honors in 1986 at the University of Rome "La Sapienza". She is currently Associate Professor in Industrial Chemistry (SSD CHIM04) at the Chemistry Department of the aforementioned University. Currently Member of the Teacher Boards of Doctorate of Chemical Engineering..The research activity is focused on industrial biotechnologies whose objectives concern: the study and optimization of industrial bioconversion processes for obtaining biologically active molecules or for the "bioproduction" of biopolymeric materials using approaches and methodologies of innovative biotransformation, the development and application of new microfluidic methodologies for the control of both the size and the morphology of polymeric materials to be used for the controlled release of bioactive molecules (drug delivery), of nucleic acids (gene therapy), or for tissue engineering approaches. Scientific coordinator of research projects under public or private commitment, including Ministry for the University and Research (MIUR PRIN 2002,2017), and Regione Lazio. Author of 77 scientific publications in peer-reviewed journals, 6 book chapters, 3 patents and over 70 communications at international conferences overall H-index: 27 (Source: Scopus database), Total citations : 1782(Source: Scopus database). Teacher of the following courses activated within master's and doctoral degree courses: Industrial Biotransformation course, 9 CFU, Master's Degree in Industrial Chemistry, LM71 Organic-Biotechnological Curriculum,Bio and nanomaterials for technological applicationsourse, 6 CFU Master's Degree in Environmental and Industrial Genomic Biotechnologies LM-8, Faculty of Sciences MFN, University "la Sapienza" of Rome, Course of NANOTECHNOLOGIES FOR INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONS 6 CFU in the PhD in Chemical Sciences of the Faculty of Sciences MFN.
Ricevimento studenti: 
mercoledi 11.00-12.00

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