Cleofe Palocci

Associate professor
Cleofe Palocci was born in Rome on 20/09/1962. She graduated in Biological Sciences in 1986 with 110/110 at the Sapienza University of Rome and there received the title of PhD in Chemical Sciences in 1991.Universitary researcher (CHIM / 04) by 1992 at the Department of Chemistry of the Sapienza University of Rome where she run their own research and teaching. Member of the faculty of the PhD in Chemical Sciences. She teaches "Industrial biotransformations" in the Master of Science in Industrial Chemistry (LM-71) address Organic Biotechnology and "Biopolimeri" in the master of science in Industrial Biotechnology.. She is the author of 58 international publications, such as works of journals and books to spread internationally and 60 conference proceedings with release of the records. She is author of four patents including 2 international and tutor of over 50 Thesis in Chemistry and Industrial Chemistry, Chemical and Pharmaceutical Technologies and Biological Sciences.
Research activity
Scientific area: 
Industrial chemistry
Research activity: 
1. Synthesis and characterization og biopolymeric nanoparticles for drug delivery applications 2. “Bioproduction" of peptidic hydrogels for biotechnological applications 3. Structure-relationships studies of lipolytic enzymes immobilized on nanocarriers 4. Microfuidic approaches to the synthesis of nanomaterials
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