Research Centers


High Tech Recycling (HTR) Center

Director: prof.ssa Francesca Pagnanelli

The HTR Center promotes the development of innovative processes for the treatment of secondary raw materials and the energy recovery. It has highly qualified expertise in the fields of chemistry, industrial chemistry and chemical engineering. Along with Sapienza, the HTR center is in participation with the Universities of l'Aquila. Genova, Bologna and Cagliari, the Polytechnic of Marche and the National Research Council (CNR, Institute of Environmental Geology and Geoengineering).


Interdepartmental research center on nanotechnologies applied to engineering of Sapienza (CNIS)

Director: prof. Antonio d'Alessandro

CNIS - Interdepartmental research center on nanotechnologies applied to engineering of Sapienza, founded in 2006, links and coordinate laboratories, researchers and students of 15 departments of Sapienza involved in research activities on nanotecnologies and naosciences in Sapienza Universities.


Research Center for Applied Sciences to the safeguard of Environment and Cultural Heritage (CIABC)

Director: prof. Cleofe Palocci

CIABC is an integrated network of skills and services whose mission is the development and the promotion of research and innovation in the fields  of environmental safeguard and of the knowledge related to cultural heritage. The Center gathers professors from six departments: Environmental biology, Charles Darwin biology and biotechnologies, Chemistry, Physics, Basic and applied sciences for Engineering, Earth sciences.

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