The Chemistry Department at Sapienza provides a thorough fundamental knowledge in all fields of chemistry exploring the frontiers of chemistry and addressing modern challenges. Chemistry is critical to understand the world around us and it is important to focus on its new applications in several areas for the development of scientific knowledge and technology in medicine, human health, biotechnology, materials science, biology, applied physics, cultural heritage preservation, microscopy, geology and environmental science, among other fields.

The Chemistry Department is part of Mathematics, Physics and Natural Sciences Faculty (Facoltà di Scienze matematiche fisiche e naturali).

The department promotes scientific research via its more than 90 professors and researchers and a research staff of more than 110 people (PhD students, research fellows and scholarship fellows).

Its didactic offer include two undergraduate degrees, three graduate courses, a doctoral course and four second-level Master’s degrees.

The Department hosts several laboratories and research facilities, a museum and a library.

Opening time: from Mondayto Friday, from 08.00 to 19.30.

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