Direct calls

What is

The Direct Calls (Chiamate dirette) program of the Italian Ministry of Education, Universities and Research (MIUR), provides opportunities to fund permanent academic positions to scientists and scholars who have been working abroad for at least three years in an equivalent position to the one they apply for. The program applies also to recipients of European Research Council (ERC) grants (i.e. recipients of ERC grants at any level - starting or consolidator - automatically fulfill the requirements of the program). 

The Chemistry Department of Sapienza University of Rome currently accepts applications for permanent academic positions at the Experienced Researcher, Associate and Full Professor level in the following fields of the chemical sciences:

  • physical chemistry
  • organic chemistry
  • analytical chemistry
  • industrial chemistry
  • inorganic chemistry

Positions will be assigned through the aforementioned direct calls procedure.

For further information, please do not hesitate to send an email to

Attention! The applicants apply for the same position they currently held abroad (here read details about international academic positions correspondences)

The Department has many strong research groups working on a wide range of different research areas. We are willing to accept the submission of applications in these fields as well in other fields not already part of our research activities.

We are looking for established scientists with an outstanding record of high impact research, excellence and leadership. The successful candidate will be expected to actively contribute to the department’s academic program, teaching and governance. The candidate will also be expected to lead her/his own research group as well as participate in large-scale grant applications.

Who can apply

Italian Ministry of Education, Universities and Research (MIUR) states that are eligible for a direct call the following professional profiles:

  • scholars who have been working abroad on a permanent teaching or research position in a foreign university or research institution (art. 1 c.9 L. n. 230/2005) for at least three years, and holding an academic position equivalent to the one he is applying to with this direct call (please see the table of the academic positions corrispondences)
  • scholars who have already worked in teaching or research capacities in Italian universities for at least three years on a direct calls basis authorized by the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research (art. 1 c.9 L. 230/2005)
  • winners, as P.I., of ERC grants of at least three years duration, and that have not been completed for more than three years (art. 29 c. 7 L. n. 240/2010, Art. 7, c. 2, D. M. n. 635/2016)

How to apply

Applications must be sent to Applicants are requested to submit a brief CV, a list of publications and a research statement.

Candidates are encouraged to apply by February28, 2022.

The applications will be reviewed by a cross disciplinary Selection Committee and will follow the official Direct Calls procedure. 

The Direct Call recruitment process involves several approval steps and requires the endorsement of the Ministry of Education, University, and Research. The procedure is expected to be completed and the position to be filled within November 2021.

The Rector confirms the appointment by Decree and sets the relative salary class based on seniority of service and merit (art. 1, c. 9, L. n. 230/2005).

The Chemistry Department is committed to maintain the gender balance of its staff and particularly welcomes applications from female scientists.

For successful candidates having held academic positions abroad, there are some tax benefits, as, for example, a tax relief on 90% of the salary that may be granted for a duration up to six years. For more detailed information on tax benefits please see the Art. 5 of the Testo coordinato del Decreto-legge 30 aprile 2019, n. 34

Legislative references

For more info about the legislative reference please follow the links in the Approfondimenti section and here bleow:

L. n. 230/2005

L. n. 240/2010

D.M. n. 635/2016 

L. n. 58/2019

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