Francesca Pagnanelli

Full professor
Francesca Pagnanelli is Full Professor in the field “Theory of the development of chemical processes” in the Department of Chemistry of Sapienza University (2022). She is the Director of the Interuniversity Research Center HIGH TECH RECYCLING, and she is one of the founder of the Spin-Off company Eco-Recycling for technology transfer. She is the author of 158 Scopus products (130 articles and 1 review in journals with IF, 6 book chapters) and 5 European / international patents. She is currently the Principal Investigator in the LIFEBIOAs project co-financed by the European LIFE + program, and Responsible for Unit in the projects LIFEDRONE and MEWLIFE.
Research activity
Scientific area: 
Industrial chemistry
Research activity: 
The research activity is dedicated to the development of processes for the treatment and valorization of by-products and wastes using methodologies and technologies based on both chemical and biological phenomena. Process development for systems of chemical nature is based on the study of the properties of matter in relation to metal adsorption phenomena on biological matrices, metal leaching, electrodeposition of metal nanoparticles, and electrochemical phenomena in energy storage devices. Process development in biotechnology is based on the study of the growth kinetics of mixed biological systems in relation to phenomena of metal bioprecipitation, metal bioleaching, and biotransformation of organic compounds. The detailed characterization of the properties of the systems is accompanied by the modeling of the chemical-physical and biological phenomena involved. Particular attention is paid to the use of information derived from experimental characterizations and data modeling for process and product optimization and technology transfer on a prototype scale.
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