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Seminario di Tarik Chafik

Lunedì, 30 Gennaio, 2023

Maria Assunta Navarra è lieta di invitarvi al seminario

Towards Harnessing Local Resources in Sustainable development technology

Tarik Chafik
University Abdelmalek Essâadi, Tangier, Morocco

Il seminario si terrà in aula B, piano I edificio S. Cannizzaro CU014, martedì 31 gennaio p.v. alle ore 12.00. Potrà essere seguito in presenza o da remoto su piattaforma Zoom.


The seminar is devoted to the valorization of local resources in sustainable development technology. The first part reviews result concerning valorization of local natural clays with appropriate texture and chemical composition containing mainly aluminosilicates as well as mixture of minerals. Such features enable applications not only as adsorbent but also as catalyst with interesting intrinsic properties. Of interest also, the original aspect regarding easy extrusion as honeycomb monolith and related advantages which may help moving ahead towards industrial applications.

Will be presented also result showing the potential of Argan fruits shells valorization in context of circular economy, as precursor for activated carbons for servals applications; such as sorbent for CO2 capture and H2S removal as well as electrodes for energy storage devices; supercapacitors.

  1. Tarik Chafik: Towards harnessing local natural clay in power to X technologies: Review on syngas production using low cost catalyst extruded as honeycomb monolith. Materials Today: Proceedings 37 (2021) 3834–3839

  2. Tarik Chafik: Matériaux carbonés nanoporeux préparés à partir de la coque du fruit d’argan, par Tarik Chafik. Brevet international sous référence PCT/MA2011/000009 et WO 2012/050411, 2010 Maroc

  3. Ouassim Boujibar⁠, Ahmed Souikny, Fouad Ghamouss, Ouafae Achak, Mouad Dahbi⁠, Tarik Chafk: CO2⁠ capture using N-containing nanoporous activated carbon obtained from argan fruit shells. Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering, 6 (2018) 1995–2002

  4. Mouad Dahbi, Manami Kiso, Kei Kubota, Tatsuo Horiba, Tarik Chafik, Kazuo Hida, Takashi Matsuyama, Shinichi Komaba: Synthesis of hard carbon from argan shells for Na-ion batteries. Journal of Materials Chemistry, A 5 (2017) 9917-99285

  5. Ouassim Boujibar, Arunabh Ghosh, Ouafae Achak, Tarik Chafik, Fouad Ghamouss: A high energy storage supercapacitor based on nanoporous activated carbon electrode made from Argan shells with excellent ion transport in aqueous and non-aqueous electrolytes. Journal of Energy Storage, 26 (2019) 1009586

  6. Mohammad Said El Halimi, Federico Poli, Nicola Mancuso, Alessandro Olivieri, Edoardo Mattioli, Matteo Calvaresi, Tarik Chafik, Alberto Zanelli, Francesca Soavi: Circumneutral concentrated ammonium acetate solution as water-in-salt electrolyte. Electrochimica Acta 389 (2021) 138653


Tarik CHAFIK photoTarik CHAFIK

Tarik Chafik holds a PhD in catalytic processes engineering from the University of Lyon-France, 1993. He was Postdoc researcher at University of Patras (Greece) in 1994, then he worked at combustion division at NIRE, AIST, Tsukuba Japan (1995-1997). I 1999 he was awarded as Fulbright visiting researcher at University California Berkeley, USA (with Prof. A. T. Bell).

He is currently, full Professor, Research Director and Master courses coordinator at Faculty of Sciences and Technique of Tangier (Morocco).

He coordinated several research dealing with sustainable development technologies involving local resources as adsorbents and catalysts as well as development of nanomaterials for applications in the field of energy.

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