PE8 Products and Processes Engineering

Biofabrication of nano and microstructured peptide hydrogels for biotechnological applications Cleofe Palocci Alessandra Gentili, Laura Chronopoulou, Robertino Zanoni
Bioproduction of fine chemicals by microalgae Francesca Pagnanelli Pietro Altimari, Pier Giorgio Schiavi, Fabrizio Di Caprio , Iolanda Francolini
Extraction and chracterization of poly/hydroxyalkanoate) from microbial cultures Andrea Martinelli Sara Alfano
Bioelectrochemical systems Marianna Villano Marco Zeppilli, Lorenzo Cristiani, Mauro Majone
Combined chemical-physical and biological processes for groundwater remediation Marco Petrangeli Papini Mauro Majone
Electrochemically assisted bioremediation processes Mauro Majone Marco Petrangeli Papini, Marco Zeppilli, Edoardo Dell’Armi
Polyhydroxyalkanoate production from renewable resources Mauro Majone Marco Petrangeli Papini, Cleofe Palocci, Andrea Martinelli, Laura Chronopoulou, Chiara Cavaliere, Anna Laura Capriotti, Maria Luisa Astolfi, Marianna Villano, Laura Lorini, Giorgio Capuani, Angela Marchetti, Lionel Nguemna Tayou
Synthesis of Covalent Adaptable Networks from food waste Francesca Leonelli Luisa Maria Migneco, Andrea Martinelli, Luca Pettazzoni
Synthesis and properties of Haemocompatible, antimicrobial and antifouling biomaterials Antonella Piozzi, Iolanda Francolini Andrea Martinelli

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