Alessandra Gentili

Full professor
Alessandra Gentili is a full professor of Analytical Chemistry at the University of Rome La Sapienza, where she received her Master’s degree, Magna cum Laude, in Industrial Chemistry and her PhD degree in Chemical Sciences. She was the head of Hydro-Eco, a Sapienza research center (2019-2022). Previously, she was a researcher from 1999 to 2004 and associate professor from 2005 to 03/2022. Currently, she teaches "Analytical Chemistry III with laboratory" for the Bachelor's Degree in Chemistry (AL channel) and is a member of the Doctorate Committee of the PhD Program in "Chemical Processes for Industry and Environment" as well as of the Monitoring Committee -Teaching of the Science Faculty. She is a supervisor of bachelor's, master's and doctoral theses. The results of her research have been published over 124 papers on international journals and 11 chapters on international books (h-index 32; 3800 citations ). She has been a referee for ISI journals belonging to top-decile/quartile in her research area. She is a member of the Editorial Board of Journal of Chromatography A, Molecules and CAC.She was an evaluator of the research activity of the Institutes of the Czech Academy of Sciences and an international referee of both International research projects (Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Science; Ghent University; Chilean Government FONDECYT Program) and PhD Theses (Universidad de La Laguna, Spain). She has collaborated with national (IMC-CNR Montelibretti; UNICATT Cord and Neonatology Unit of Policlinico Gemelli, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore di Roma) and international (Universidad de Alcalá, Madrid, Spain; Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientifica, Barcelona, ​​Spain; "Arca La Sapienza" project, Italy-Ecuador) Universities and Research Centres.In 2006, she was invited by the IIQAB-CSIC (Proff. Barcelo and Petrovic) to join the European network of reference laboratories GC-MS and LC-MS, as part of the project NORMAN.
Research activity
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Analytical chemistry
Research activity: 
Prof. Gentili’s research essentially concerns the study of original analytical methodologies aimed at solving problems in different areas of Chemistry, namely Clinical, Food and Environmental Chemistry. The themes of her research include the development of innovative extraction procedures (static and dynamic pressurized liquid extraction, (micro)solid phase extraction based on last generation sorbent materials, DLLME relying on green solvents) and the use of multihyphenated analytical techniques ((nano) liquid chromatography/diode array detection/mass spectrometry). Particular interest has been focused on strategies able to "profile" organic micronutrients (vitamins and carotenoids) in food and biological matrices. From 2013 to 2015, her research group participated in the KEQAS (vitamin K External Quality Assurance Scheme), an international system managed by the Nutristasis Unit (Guy's and St. Thomas' Hospital, London, United Kingdom) that monitors and reports on accuracy of the vitamin K analysis.
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