Seminario John Fawell, Cranfield University, UK

Lunedì, 1 Luglio, 2024

Roberta Risoluti ha il piacere di invitarvi al seminario: 

Water and Health: The known and potential health risks from drinking water

di John Fawell, Cranfield University, UK

Il seminario avrà luogo giovedì 4 luglio, alle ore 14, in Aula B, ed. Cannizzaro (CU014).



Water is essential for life but water can carry agents that will adversely affect health. Microbiological and chemical contaminants can reach water at a range of points in the supply train; these need to be considered and any hazards identified and risks mitigated. Some, such as microbiological pathogens we have known about for a long time and we knew the importance of some practices even before we knew what caused waterborne disease. Chemicals have emerged over time as we were able to identify them and more recently we have been able to identify and quantify increasingly smaller concentrations of chemical contaminants, but presence does not equate to effect and so we have developed ways of indirectly estimating potential risk. In high income countries we have the luxury of worrying about trace chemical contaminants while in low and middle-income countries waterborne microbial pathogens are a daily hazard and a major cause of infant morbidity and mortality.


Prof. John Fawell 


John Fawell has worked in the water field for 40 years, first at Water Research Centre and then as an independent consultant. He is a visiting professor in Cranfield University Institute for Water Science. He has been a member of the team working on the WHO Guidelines for drinking water quality since 1986 and is a member of the WHO expert committee on the Guidelines. He works closely with WHO regional offices, particularly European Office through which he was one of the main authors of the advisory document on the revision of the drinking water directive.


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