OpMetBat - Operando metrology for energy storage materials

Progetto UE

The OpMetBat project will build a metrological framework supporting traceable operando characterisation of state-of-the-art battery materials under dynamic charge / discharge conditions. This includes advancement and validation of ex situ methods, establishing new protocols, cells and a best practice guide for operando approaches and developing new instrumentation enabling hybrid, multiparameter measurement to inform new materials development. 

European Partmership on Metrology Participating States and from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme
Numero del progetto: 
21GRD01 OpMetBat
Data di inizio del progetto: 
Giovedì, 1 Settembre, 2022
Sergio Brutti
Staff di Dipartimento: 
Maria Assunta Navarra
Paola D'Angelo

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