Mauro Satta

1998: Chemistry degree 2002: Chemistry PhD 2003-2013: Supervision of undergraduate and PhD students at the chemistry department of Sapienza Rome University 2000-2012: Participation to several PRIN e FIRB national projects 2000-2008: Research projects with Pharmaceutical Science Department of Sapienza University 2009-2014: Research projects with ISC-CNR 2007-2014: Research projects with ISM-CNR 1998-2014: Co-author of about 80 publications on international journals
Chimica fisica
Molecular dynamics and ab-initio calculations of reactivity of molecules in the gas phase: vibrational and electronic structures Theoretical studies of weakly bound chiral molecular systems Theoretical astrochemistry: reactivity in the interstellar medium Semiclassical modeling of interactions between organic molecules and metallic surfaces Quantum studies of reactive processes on metallic and semiconductor surfaces