Erasmus+ @ Chemistry

Erasmus Corner

It is managed with the collaboration of a scholarship student who receives students at the Faculty of SSMMFFNN.

Active services at the Erasmus Office:

  • collection of the documentation required by the call;
  • collection of documentation sent to the partner University;
  • transmission of circulars from the Faculty of Science and from international offices;
  • support for the contacts with the partner University and the Erasmus offices of the Faculty of Science M.F.N. and International Office;
  • support for Incoming and Outogoing Erasmus students to complete an online application form and other application forms for university accommodation within each deadline. 

Language requirements

The requirements to be an Erasmus students are to be enrolled in a course of study of the Faculty of Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences and to have achieved a minimum number of credits at the time of departure.

Erasmus + considers the language competences of fundamental importance. The level of languages knowledge required by the partner universities usually needs the presentation of an official language certificate (eg IELTS, DELF, PLE etc.) by the student.

It is possible to attend the intensive language preparation courses (EILC) organized by the University.

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