Daniela Pietrogiacomi

Daniela Pietrogiacomi was born on December 1972. On July 1996, she graduated with honours in Chemistry at the University of Rome “La Sapienza”. On February 2000, she obtained the PhD Degree in Chemical Sciences (supervisor Prof. V. Indovina, thesis on “Preparation, characterisation and catalytic activity of CoOx/ZrO2 and sulphated-ZrO2 catalysts for the selective catalytic reduction of NO with hydrocarbons in the presence of O2”). From May 2000 to February 2007 she carried out her research activity at the Chemistry Department of the University of Rome “La Sapienza” with postdoctoral fellowships in the field of the preparation, characterisation and catalytic activity of oxide systems devoted to environmental concerns. On March 1st, 2007 she obtained a permanent position as Researcher at the same Department in the field of Inorganic Chemistry. The scientific interest concerns the surface chemistry related to heterogeneous catalysis aspects. The main experience is focused on oxide systems to clarify: i) the structural properties; ii) the interaction mechanisms between the solid surface and the gaseous phase; iii) the catalytic behaviour in reactions of environmental catalysis (NOx and N2O abatement, simultaneous and not; syngas production from natural gas or from CO2). Various techniques are applied, such as XRD, DRS UV-Vis, ESR, XPS, volumetric adsorption and redox cicle. In particular, in situ FTIR spectroscopy by using probe molecules is used to determine chemical properties of surface sites and FTIR experiments combined with GC analysis under flowing the reactant at different temperatures (operando conditions) is used to characterise surface intermediates formed under reactions. The results of her research are published on 27 papers on international scientific journals and 23 communications to national and international conferences (H-index = 13, Scopus). She is referee of international journals publishing in the field of heterogeneous catalysis.
Research activity
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Inorganic chemistry
Research activity: 
The scientific interest concerns heterogeneous catalysis aspects related to sustainable chemistry: (i) catalytic abatement of atmospheric pollutants, NOx and N2O, using transition metal ions exchanged in zeolites or supported on oxides; (ii) syngas production from partial oxidation of methane or dry reforming of methane with CO2 using supported metal catalysts. The activity is focused on the catalysts characterisation and on the study of catalytic behaviour. The goal is to clarify how the structural properties and the interaction mechanisms between gaseous phase and solid surface affect catalytic activity and selectivity. With this aim, different techniques devoted to bulk and surface characterisation are combined (XRD, volumetric adsorption and redox cicle, in situ DRS UV-Vis and FTIR spectroscopies). In particular, the in situ FTIR spectroscopy is applied with probe molecules (CO, NO, pyridine, NH3, nitriles, N2O) to determine chemical properties of surface sites. Additionally, the Operando-FTIR apparatus and metodology, enabling contemporary spectra collection and GC analysis under reaction, have been developed to characterise surface intermediates formed under reaction.
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