Oxides and nano-structured metals for eco-sustainable processes in heterogeneous catalysis

Line of research
Preparation, characterization and the catalytic activity study of systems made of transition metals (Rh, Co, Ni, Fe, Cu, Mn) supported on oxides (ZrO2, Al2O3, SiO2, TiO2) or exchanged in zeolites (MOR, MFI ) for reactions of environmental interest: H2 and syngas production, abatement of atmospheric pollutants (NOx and N2O). The aim of the study is to establish by XRD, physi- and chem- gas adsorption, redox cycles, DRS, Raman, FTIR spectroscopy "in situ" and "operand" a relationships between reactivity and structural and morphological properties of the support and of the supported species.

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