Carla Sappino

Postdoctoral fellow
Carla was born in Roma in 1988. She obtained her M.Sc. in Chemistry (Laurea Magistrale) in 2013 from Sapienza Università di Roma, working for the final thesis in the group of Dott.ssa Giuliana Righi on a project about the enantioselective synthesis of bioactive molecules. In the same group she undertook the doctoral studies and in 2017 she defended her PhD thesis about the application in asymmetric catalysis of magnetic nanoparticles functionalized with chiral ligands. In 2018 she joined for one year postdoctoral research the Pericas group at the ICIQ, Tarragona, Spain, investigating in the field of NHC for applications in heterogeneous and flow catalysis. In January 2020 she came back to Sapienza Università di Roma joining the group of Prof. Stefano Di Stefano working on a project on supramolecular catalysts for C-H oxidations.
Research activity
Scientific area: 
Organic chemistry
Research activity: 
Supramolecular catalysts for C-H oxidations

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