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Within the Life MUSCLES project, coordinated by Legambiente and  to reduce the environmental impact of PP socks used for mussel farming by developing and promoting a more sustainable production value chain, the Department of Chemistry is engaged in the physical characterization of the materials constituting recycled PP and BP materials of nets (socks), before and after their recovery and recycling. In particular, Antonella Piozzi's research group will verify the possible reuse of the plastic material of the retinas with a view to a circular economy. Furthermore, since to improve the sustainability of mussel farming the plastic material constituting the nets will be replaced with biodegradable material, the same type of characterization will be carried out on the biopolymer nets for the purposes of their mechanical recycling.

The LIFE MUSCLES consortium  is between scientific partners, companies in the plastics and bioplastics sector and mussel farmers cooperatives.

Life MUSCLES is realized with the contribution of the European Commission to the LIFE program, projects on Environment and efficient use of resources (Total Eligible Budget: 3,074,246 €, EU Contribution: 1,690,835 €).

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LIFE Programme
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LIFE20 ENV/IT/000570
Data di inizio del progetto: 
Friday, 1 October, 2021
Antonella Piozzi
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Iolanda Francolini

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