fronte tempio greco stilizzato con una colonna stilizzata e una pipetta, un pennello e una provetta come altre colonne più titolo dell'evento

Science and Sensitivity 2021, pushing the limits of Analytical Chemistry through High-Sensitivity Diagnostics in Art and Archeology

Wednesday, 16 June, 2021

Science and Sensitivity 2021 is aimed at training participants and disseminating recent research related to high sensitivity analytical techniques for use in diagnostic studies of artworks and objects of historical and archaeological interest.

The workshop is composed of lessons on both the theoretical aspects of this topic and case studies, providing participants with an understanding of both the basic and more applicative aspects of various analytical technologies techniques.

The methodologies of UV-Vis, Infrared and Raman spectroscopies, also amplified by surfaces (SERS), and Ultra-HPLC separation coupled with high resolution mass spectrometry will be investigated, providing a broad overview of the different high sensitivity techniques.

The event will host speakers both from Sapienza and from international research institutes who have world-renowned reputations for their scientific contribution to the advancement of analytical methods for the conservation of Cultural Heritage.

Alongside presentations from field leaders, young researchers will also have opportunities to present their research activities.


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