International Silver Economy network Workshop

Thursday, 24 March, 2022


April 6, 2022, the Chemistry Department hosts the

International Silver Economy Network Workshop

Workshop is a brainstorming on the possible contribution that a network of Associations from all over the world of Emerites, Retirees, Active Cultured Seniors can give to the development of the Silver Economy. It will discuss on how the mind capital of the members of these communities can be exploited in favour of a permanent education by scientific expertise and counseling activity.

Participants of the workshop will feature how the Silver Economy can be a resourse to better match the needs of ageing population, while supporting the growth of a sustainable economy. It is widely agreed that silver economy not only increases welfare of senior citizens, but also it has the potential to create new jobs for young people in several sectors.

The event will be an opportunity to discuss good practices and initiatives at an international level. It will be an opportunity to bring together potential partners on issues relating to the Silver Economy.

Start at 16.00 in classroom D or on the zoom platform

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