Gustavo Portalone and Danilo Dini are Topic Editors for Frontiers

Friday, 29 May, 2020

Structural Characterization and Analysis of Intercalation and Insertion Compounds

In the field of solid-state chemistry, the class of materials represented by intercalation and insertion compounds (IIC) deserves particular interest for a variety of reasons. These range from the versatility of the synthetic procedures for producing IICs, to the plethora of applications in which IICs can be adopted as active functional materials. Indeed, IICs are practically unique in modulating reversibly (or quasi reversibly) their chemical-physical properties in a wide range of values through reactions that do not require extreme conditions of realization in terms of pressure, temperature and chemical ambient.

The continuous development of IICs for diverse advanced technologies requires an adequate portfolio of investigation techniques for a meaningful characterization of IICs, with a special emphasis to the determination of their crystal structure and the definition of their chemical composition. Indeed, IICs undergo severe structural and compositional changes due to the reaction of insertion/intercalation during operation.  

The aim of this Research Topic is to achieve a full comprehension of intercalation/insertion phenomena in the IICs of practical interest. Indeed, such understanding is crucial for the diagnosis and optimization of intercalation/insertion materials in the specific areas of their applications. At this regard the structural characterizations of IICs by means of in-situ/in-operando techniques represent a very important aspect to cover.


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