Coronavirus, indications for the Department

Tuesday, 3 March, 2020

Dear ones,

at this particularly delicate moment for all of us, I invite you to read carefully and consequently follow the instructions for managing the risks associated with the COVID-19 emergency.

We are posting in the classrooms and toilets information materials on good standards to follow and instructions on how to properly wash your hands.

In particular, you are all invited to pay attention to others and protect the weakest: 

  • avoid gatherings whenever possible (entering the classrooms, laboratories, outside buildings and in front of the snacks machines);
  • open the windows in the classrooms, in the study rooms, etc. to ensure the correct air changes to the rooms
  • remind anyone with symptoms such as coughing and/or sneezing that it is a good idea to cover your mouth and nose, throw handkerchiefs once used and wash your hands immediately after;
  • avoid attending courses if fall among suspect cases, if you have been in contact with a suspected case or if you have stayed or transited in epidemic areas (including Italian), or if you have the potential to come into close contact with suspicious cases at risk.

The application of the rules is a precise obligation and a smart choice for all of us.

Thanks for collaboration.


The Department Head
Luciano Galantini

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