Sara Cerra

Postdoctoral fellow
Born in Frosinone in 1994, she obtains the High School Diploma at the "Istituto Tecnico per Attività Sociali (ITAS) "A. Volta" of Frosinone with a Chemical-Biological curriculum. In 2016 she obtained the Bachelor's Degree in Chemistry with a score of 109/110 (Italian grading system), presenting a supplementary teaching activity report entitled: "Determinazione della Saxitossina mediante saggi ELIME: risultati preliminari" at the University of Rome "Tor Vergata". In 2018 she obtained the Master's Degree in Chemistry at the same university with a final mark 110/110 with honor (Italian grading system), discussing a thesis entitled: "Development of new multifunctional platforms for molecular controlled release". In 2022 she received the Ph.D. in Chemical Sciences (Cycle XXXIV) at the University of Rome "La Sapienza", Ph.D. supervisor Prof. Ilaria Fratoddi. Currently, Dr. Cerra is a post-doctoral fellow in the research group of Prof. Ilaria Fratoddi.
Research activity
Scientific area: 
Inorganic chemistry
Research activity: 
The research activity of Dr. Cerra is configured in the field of nanostructured materials. The research activity of Dr. Cerra focuses on the synthesis of noble metal nanoparticles (AuNPs, AgNPs) stabilized with hydrophilic/hydrophobic mono- and bifunctional ligands and polymeric nanoparticles. The synthesized systems are characterized from a physico-chemical and morphological point of view through spectroscopic techniques (UV-Vis, FT-IR, DLS, zeta-potential, NMR, XPS, SAXS, PAS, PL) and microscopy techniques (AFM, TEM, SEM) to obtain systems with potential applications in the field of optoelectronics, sensing, and nanomedicine.
Scientific papers: 

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