Lorella Gentile

Technical, technical-scientific and data-processing area
Dr. Lorella Gentile has graduated in Analytical Chemistry in 2006 at Sapienza University of Rome, she disserted her thesis on “Behavior of arginine as ligand in aqueous solution”. In June 2010 she obtained her PhD and she disserted her PhD thesis in Analytical Chemistry and Real Systems on “Behavior in aqueous solution of biologically interesting ligands towards cations” at Sapienza University of Rome. Since 2007 Dr. Gentile has worked in Chemistry Department with collaboration contracts and research fellowships. From 2007 to 2018 she has been participant of the PLS, a project funded by Ministry of Education, University and Research. Her research area is focused on investigation of the behavior in aqueous solution of biologically interesting ligands towards cations. The results of her research are published on international scientific journals and presented in national congresses.
Research activity
Scientific area: 
Analytical chemistry
Research activity: 
Thermodynamics of complex formation. Equilibrium solutions. Analysis and characterization of food and environment.
Scientific papers: 

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