Lionel Nguemna Tayou

Postdoctoral fellow
Lionel Nguemna Tayou was born in Yaounde (Cameroon) on 11/23/1990, in December 2015 he obtained a three-year degree in "Biology humaine et sante" at the University of Douala Cameroon and the following year in June 2016 he achieved a First level Master in "Molecular and Cellular Biology" with good judgment at the same university. In October 2019 he obtained a master's degree in genomic, industrial and environmental biotechnologies with 108 out of 110 defending a thesis entitled "Heterotrophic cultivation of microalgae through alternate nitrogen and glucose feeding integrated with the treatment of vegetable oil waters of oil mills", supervised by Professor Pietro Altimari at the University of Rome Sapienza. Since November 2019 he is currently enrolled in the XXXV PhD cycle in Chemical Engineering (Chemical processes for industry and the environment) and carries out research on the topic "Assessment of health and safety at work in the production of polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA) from renewable resources "
Research activity
Scientific area: 
Industrial chemistry
Research activity: 
Production of high value-added products based on urban organic waste and microorganisms. Biotechnological processes all converge today towards the circular economy, i.e. the reuse and recirculation of secondary products. The aim of the research lies in the development of biotechnological chemical processes for the valorisation of waste and the production of renewable energies. PHA (polyhydroxyalkanoates) is one of the biopolymers produced through organic residues and microorganisms. Given the biodegradable (in the production of biodegradable plastic) and biocompatible (in the medicinal field) properties, the main research activity is focused on the production and characterization of this biopolymer. In recent years, PHA production plants have been spreading in Italy and worldwide. Being an already known industrial biotechnological process, another aspect of this research consists in studying safety and health aspects throughout the production process for workers and the workplace.
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