Giuliana Righi

Dr. Giuliana Righi, graduated in Rome at the University "La Sapienza" in 1981, has been working for the CNR since 1984 at the Institute of Biomolecular Chemistry (ex Center for the Study of the Chemistry of Natural Organic Compounds) first as Researcher and, since 31/12/2001, as First Researcher II level. In 2001 and 2002 she was responsible of the research “Epoxides and aziridine in the synthesis of biologically active substances" and from 2004 she is responsible of Mod. PM.P01.010.003); she has also worked at various National Projects: COFIN 2002, FIRB 2001, PRIN 2003, PRIN 2005 and PRIN 2008. She participated at numerous congresses and conferences, at the IASOC III, IV and V (Ischia Advanced School of Organic Chemistry) and at the Summer School "A. Corbella "Organic Synthesis (IX, X and XI). At this school, in June 1999 she was invited to give a lecture. She is the author of one Italian patent, 70 scientific publications on international journals (among them two chapter respectively on Recent Research Development in Organic Chemistry and Target in Heterocyclic Systems and two reviews respectively on Synthesis and Tetrahedron) and numerous communications at meeting. She was responsible of research programs related to three scholarships for CNR (call n.201.03.17 of 21/05/1988; call No. 201.03.20 of 13/07/1992; call n.201.03.29 of 05/06/2000).She is referee of international journal such as Synlett, Tetrahedron: Asymmetry and Journal of Organic C She is Tutor of numerous experimental theses for degrees in Chemistry and for PhDs in Chemistry Sciences. Her scientific work has been developed in the field of Organic Chemistry, initially aimed at the isolation and identification of natural compounds and, subsequently, at the study of new synthetic methods and their application to the preparation of substances of biological interest.
Research activity
Research activity: 
Her current research activities can be divided into the following areas: -Synthesis of iminosugars with potential anti-tumoral activity -Synthesis of functionalized magnetic nanoparticles for applications in asymmetric catalysis -Synthesis of new inhibitors of Bcl-2 analogues to the Obatoclax -Synthesis of new polyphenols with antioxidant activity - Synthesis of new peptidomimetic as potential inhibitors of HIV-protease
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