Farid Hajareh Haghighi

Postdoctoral fellow
Farid Hajareh Haghighi studies chemistry at Sapienza University. In inorganic field, he has academic experiences on biological and electrocatalytic applications of Ru(II) complexes. In recent years, he has worked on the synthesis of noble metal and magnetic nanoparticles and their applications as drug delivery vehicles in cancer research. Also, he has a two-year industrial experience in synthesis of polycarboxylates which known as the most important concrete superplasticizers.
Research activity
Research activity: 
His current researches focus on the functionalization of metal oxide nanoparticles using photosensitizers, drugs, biomolecules, and polymers. For the stabilization of the nanoparticles, he works on highly-water soluble polymers which play an important role in industrial applications of nanoparticles. His specific research interest relates to titanium oxide nanoparticles possessing applications in photodynamic therapy and they are also excellent candidates for use in drug delivery and tissue engineering.

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