Clarissa Ciarlantini

Dottorando in Scienze chimiche XXXVI Ciclo
Clarissa Ciarlantini graduated in 2018 with a three-year degree in industrial chemistry at the University of Rome "La Sapienza" dealing with the functionalization of chitosan-based polymeric systems for biomedical applications. In 2020, she graduated in industrial chemistry, specializing in Polymeric Materials, dealing with the synthesis and characterization of biomimetic scaffolds based on chitosan and alginate. In November 2020 she is the winner of the XXXVI PhD competition in Chemical Sciences, whose work concerns the development of bioactive polymeric systems for medical applications.
Research activity
Scientific area: 
Industrial chemistry
Research activity: 
The research activity aims at the creation and subsequent characterization of polymer-based matrices to be applied in the biomedical or biotechnological field. The study is aimed at the use of biocompatible polymers that can allow a better interaction, of the matrices thus produced, with the physiological environment in which they must be inserted to carry out their activity. Furthermore, the modification of biopolymers of natural origin, capable of obtaining biomimetic matrices, that is able to mimic the extra-cellular and bioactive matrix, is of great interest. The matrices will be made with methods that allow to obtain porous architectures to be applied in regenerative medicine. In this research numerous characterization techniques are exploited such as: FTIR and UV-VIS spectroscopy, thermogravimetry, differential scanning calorimetry (TGA, DSC), static and dynamic mechanical analysis (Instron and RSA), atomic force microscopy (AFM) and electron scanning (FESEM).

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