Cecilia Bombelli

Cecilia Bombelli was born in Rome on 13/06/1973. She graduated in Chemistry at the University of Rome "Sapienza" on 19/07/2000. She has carried out a thesis in organic chemistry at the Center for Study of Reaction Mechanisms ( CMRS) of CNR (supervisor Dr. Giovanna Mancini). In February 2004 she received his PhD in Chemical Science at the same university with a thesis entitled: "Liposomes as carriers of drugs" (Supervisor Dr. Giovanna Mancini). In the following years (2004-2011) she was the owner of four post doctoral research fellowships of the CNR and was responsible for the formulation and characterization of liposomes as membrane models and drug delivery systems. In the academic year 2005-2006 she has deepened interdisciplinary aspects related to drug delivery by attending a Master's Degree in "Methodologies for research and development of new therapies" of the II Faculty of Medicine and Surgery of the University of Rome "Sapienza "achieved with discussion of a final thesis. She participated, under the guidance of Dr. G. Mancini, for the European project of the COST D11 (Supramolecular Chemistry) entitled "Chiral Recognition in Selfassembled System" (04/10 / 1999-2003). She was in charge of scientific and technological aspects of two European projects FP7 (2011 and 2012) concerning the use of liposomes as sensors for the analysis of bacteria in drinking water (Proposal: 286601 AQUALITY) and a new methodology for early detection of DPD enzyme deficiency in oncological patients (Proposal: 315398 CARESS). She is the scientific responsible of a research unit in the FIRB project RBFR12BUMH “Role of oxidative stress in the modulation of muscle homeostasis and therapeutic approach by antioxidants delivered by targeted liposomes” (FIRB call 2012). She is at present (03/10/2001-) III level research scientist at CNR, Institute of Chemical Methodologies, section Reaction Mechanisms - UOS Section of Rome, at the Department of Chemistry.
Research activity
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Organic chemistry
Research activity: 
Research lines: Development of liposomes as drug delivery systems of drugs and natural compounds. In this field she is particularly interested in the formulation of mitochondriotropic liposomes for the specific delivery of antioxidants and therapeutic agents. Development of liposome based sensors.
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