Angela Marchetti

Postdoctoral fellow
09/2018 State Exam for the profession of Civil-Environmental Engineer, section A Senior category. 01/2018 Master’s degree in Environmental engineering at Sapienza university of rome, rome, italy, with thesis work on “synthesis of magnetic nanoparticles for the treatment of water in emergency scenario by adsorbtion” with final mark equal to 110/110 cum laude; 12/2014 Bachelor degree in Environmental engineering at Sapienza university of rome, rome, italy, with final mark equal to 97/110; 07/2010 High school degree at Liceo Classico “Silvio Lo Piano”, Cetraro , italy, with final mark equal to 84/100. In September 2018 she participated in the competition for the Doctorate in Chemical Processes for Industry and for the Environment of the XXXIV cycle. Nowaday she continues the course of doctoral studies having participated in a series of National and International conferences in which she held the role of speaker.
Research activity
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Industrial chemistry
Research activity: 
Although the first publications concern the synthesis of ferromagnetic nanoparticles for wastewater treatment and the study of control systems for membrane plants, current research moves away from these issues, mainly focusing on the production of polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA). In this context, a mixed microbial consortium is used, compared to pure cultures used on an industrial level. The research also concerns the production of volatile fatty acids, (VFA) through fermentation and electro-fermentation processes, also exploiting mixed microbial cultures. It is important to underline how the two lines of research are not independent but correlated, since the VFA produced by fermentation can be used as a carbon source for the storage polymer bacteria. The supervisor of this research is the Prof. Marianna Villano.
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