Elemental Analysis


The elemental analysis service for C, H, N and S is available to Chemistry Department users only.


The elemental analysis service is carried out once a month, usually in the last week of the month.

To make a booking, the user has to advice the person in charge by a telephone call and bring the sample(s) to the Lab, leaving his/her telephone address.  

If possible, it would be better to indicate the expected results. The users will be advised when the results of the analyses are ready.


The analysis can be carried out on solid or liquid samples; 2-4 mg of material are enough for each measurement. The sample can be put in a vial.

About the Technique

The elemental analyzer (EA 1110 CHNS-O) is an istrument which allows the determination of the C, H, N, S per cent in organic or inorganic solid or liquid samples. The analytical method consists in:

  1. burning the sample at 1000 °C, followed by processes of catalytic oxidation and reduction; 
  2. separation of the gas products by a gas chromatographic column; 
  3. analysis by a detector based on thermal conductivity;
  4. elaboration by the EAGER 200 program of the signal and determination of the percentage of the elements in the sample.  

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