photo Sebastià Puig

Seminar of Sebastià Puig

Tuesday, 12 July, 2022

Marianna Villano is pleased to invite you to the seminar

Microbial Electrochemical Technologies: from bioremediation to microbial electrosynthesis

Sebastià Puig - Laboratory of Chemical and Environmental Engineering (LEQUIA), University of Girona (UdG)

visiting professor at the Chemistry Department, in Parravano room, floor 1st, S. Cannizzaro building CU014, Tuesday July 19 at 11.00 am (Google Meet link available soon)


Climate change and future depletion of resources are two of the most important environmental challenges that humankind has ever faced. Dr. Puig pretends to put forward sustainable technology-based electron-driven microbial reactions giving a second chance to contaminated water and recalcitrant carbon dioxide (CO2) streams. His talk will have parts:

  • “Water recovery is a need not a wish”. Water and energy are essential interrelated resources for sustainable development, whose demands are expected to increase in the next decades. Dr. Puig will present his recent experiences on electro bioremediation of contaminated water as potential drinking water. 

  • “BioElectroCarbon recycling: from greenhouse gas to commodities”. Dr. Puig will talk about resilience and sustainable biorefinery concept based on electron-driven microbial reactions for the production of commodities (biofuels, building blocks) with renewable electricity and recalcitrant CO2 from industrial sources.

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