Reaxys Training - José María ANDRÉS, Elsevier

Wednesday, 8 November, 2023

Wednesday, December 6, 11 am, in Aula La Ginestra, ed. S. Cannizzaro (CU014), there will be the training event Reaxys, two training sessions held by dr. José María ANDRÉS (Elsevier).



Reaxys helps chemists improve productivity by offering solutions to chemistry-related questions. While its simple interface allows you to look for molecules, reactions and topics, it contains a lot of potential underneath. If you want to learn more about what can Reaxys offer to your daily research, join us on December 6th in the morning for two Reaxys training sessions. In the first, the main features will be shown and in the second, more advanced use cases will be presented. Hopefully, you will learn about more efficient ways to perform bibliograhic searches to important scientific questions! 


José María ANDRES is an organic chemist who has developed his career in public and private institutions in Spain, and in France where he received his PhD. He has worked in the development of organic materials for scientific areas such as photovoltaics or bio applications in the Universities of Zaragoza and Angers and in CEA Grenoble. He is now a consumer consultant at Elsevier for Life Sciences solutions such as Reaxys.

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