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From synthesis to environmental applications of perovskites materials

Wednesday, 21 September, 2022

Ilaria Fratoddi is pleased to invite you to the seminar

From synthesis to environmental applications of perovskites materials

Faical Djani

Department of matter sciences, Laboratory of molecular chemistry and environment, University of Biskra (Algeria)

visiting professor at Chemistry Department, in V classroom, Groundflour floor, V. Caglioti building (CU032), September 23th at 03.00 pm (Google meet: pfb-xdeq-ftr)


Owing to their high thermal stability, excellent oxidation activity, and low price; perovskites have been explored for a variety of environment-related and energy-related applications, including automobile exhaust purification, fuel cells, N2O decomposition, and water–gas shift reactions. In recent years, efforts have also been made to study the properties of perovskites in terms of reactions such as chemical looping combustion (CLC) and photocatalytic water splitting.

These isomorphic solids (general formula: ABO3) are highly versatile due to the flexibility in the chemical composition of perovskites with a large number of cations that can fit into both the A and B positions within the same crystalline structure (i.e., practically all the metals are stable in the perovskite lattice). Another key feature is the availability of multi-component perovskites, which can be synthesized by partial substitution of cations at either A or B sites.

Faical Djani

Faical Djani is Associate Professor to the Laboratory of molecular chemistry and environment of the Department of matter sciences of the University of Biskra in Algeria.

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