DNA and Small Molecular Complex Crystallization

Monday, 18 January, 2021

Nucleic Acid is called as the key to lives. DNA is the foundation of the life activities of human beings. However, DNAs have attracted much less attention as drug targets in structure-based drug design, partially because limited structural information of DNAs complexed with small active molecules is available.

To develop more small molecules drugs based on DNA, we need to investigate the binding mechanism between DNA and small molecules deeply. Therefore, the research on the structure of DNA and complex of DNA and drugs are crucial to human health.

The crystallization was a potent tool for the structural analysis of macromolecules like DNA. The crystals of a complex between DNA and small molecule may show the binding mechanism and mode clearly. We can determine the binding mode is minor groove binding, major groove binding, covalent bonds, or intercalator, also locate the hydrogen bonds, halogen bonds, interactions of water molecules, or base pairs covering scope. So, the opportunities and challenges have been faced with discovering DNA-targeting drugs for disease treatments.

We seek the research and review articles about any aspect of the complex between DNA and small molecules crystallization including Screening Crystallization Conditions, Affecting Factors of DNA Crystallization, Conventional or Novel Crystallization Methods, Inducing Nucleation, DNA in the free and liganded state, DNA Duplex, Triplex, and Quadruplexes structural analysis, Detecting Crystallization Process, Structural Analysis of Crystals, Improvement of Crystallization methods, etc.

Special issue: "DNA and Small Molecular Complex Crystallization"
G. Portalone, Guest Editor

Submission deadline is july 20, 2021.

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