Raffaella Gianferri

Technical, technical-scientific and data-processing area
I have a Master degree in Chemistry and a PhD title in Chemistry science at the Sapienza University. I am research and public engagement support of Chemistry Department, local safety contact and support of didactic laboratory Preparazioni I (inorganic chemistry) - n. 1 ground floor ed. V Caglioti (CU032). As research support of the Department I work to presentation, dissemination and evaluation of research results, I support to researchers in the drafting of proposals, management, dissemination and auditing of projects. As department public engagement contact I take care of and support the organization and dissemination of scientific divulgation activities, coordinate the WellChem project and the Lab zio Tungsteno, and take cure of public relations with several Department stakeholders. As a didactic laboratory contact I organze the experimental activities of laboratory. As local safety contact I provide information about research and didactic laboratories and manage communication to Prevention and Protection Office.
Research activity
Research activity: 
I have got an excellent background in NMR spectroscopy with particular attention to Time Domain NMR applications. As TD-NMR spectroscopy laboratory referent I am specialized to agro-food systems characterization and their transformations (maturation, aging, post-harvest ripening, shelf-life etc.), and to exploration of hydrogels and porous media (stone, wood, etc.) in their interaction with water.

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