Mariarosaria Tuccillo

PhD student in Chemistry engineering of processes
11/2020 - now University of Rome Sapienza PhD student in chemical processes for industry and the environment. Topic: "Novel positive electrode materials for next generation Li-ion Batteries." 11/2020: Habilitation to Chemistry profession Sez. B. 04/2019-10/2020 ISC-CNR (Istituto dei Sistemi Complessi-Centro Nazionale di Ricerca) Research Fellow: European project Si-Drive (SILICON ALLOYING ANODES FOR ENERGY DENSE BATTERIES COMPRISING LITHIUM RICH CATHODES AND IONIC LIQUID ELECTROLYTES FOR SAFE HIGH VOLTAGE PERFORMANCE ). 10/2016-12/2018 University of Naples "Federico II" Master Degree: Industrial Chemistry Sciences and Technologies. Voto: 110/110 cum laude. Thesis Title: "Ab initio study of oxygen electrocatalysis on Mn and Fe co-doped BaZrO3: from bulk properties to surface reaction." 9/2012-03/2016 University of Naples "Federico II" Bachelor Degree: Industrial Chemistry.
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Physical chemistry
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In this project my aim is to investigate, using first principles calculations and experimental techniques, disordered multicomponent Li-rich layered oxide materials (the so-called over-stoichiometric Li-rich nickel manganese cobalt oxides: Li1+xTM1-xO2 (being TM a blend of metal ions)). These materials are innovative positive electrodes for lithium-ion batteries (LIBs). The project goal is to study the structural stability, phase segregation, defect formation, ion migration and electrochemical properties in batteries, in order to draw a comprehensive physico-chemical analysis of this class of materials.
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