Marianna Villano

Associate professor
Marianna Villano is Associate Professor of chemical engineering at the Department of Chemistry- Sapienza University of Rome. She got the Master of Science (summa cum laude) in Industrial Chemistry (2007) and the PhD in Industrial Chemical Processes (2011) defending the thesis “Microbially catalyzed production of hydrogen and methane in bioelectrochemical systems". In 2010 she spent six months at the Department of Biological and Environmental Engineering-Cornell University (Ithaca, NY, USA) as a visiting PhD student. Member of the editorial board of the Journals: Scientific Reports (Springer Nature); Processes (MDPI); Environments (MDPI). She is author of more than 40 international peer-review journal publications, including one Higly Cited Paper (WoS Clarivate Analytics); 5 book chapter; and over 50 presentations to international conferences
Research activity
Scientific area: 
Industrial chemistry
Research activity: 
Treatment and simultaneous valorization of waste and wastewater by means of biological processes based on the use of mixed microbial cultures. These include the production of bio-based and biodegradable polymers (i.e. polyhydroxyalkanoates, PHA) as well as the application of microbial electrochemical technologies to upgrade the biogas or to control the spectrum of products deriving from acidogenic fermentation
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