Laura Capobianco

PhD student in Chemistry engineering of processes
Laura Capobianco was born in Rome on 11/05/1996. In November 2020 she started her PhD in Chemical Processes for the Industry and the Environment, which she is pursuing between Sapienza, University in Rome and BIO-P, a start up of NextChem (Maire Tecnimont Group). She works on the MEWLIFE Project. On November 2020 she got the license as a Professional Biologist. On August 2020 she published a paper: "Production of iron-coated adsorbent for arsenic removal by hydrothermal carbonization of olive pomace: effect of the feedwater pH" Journal of Environmental Management- Capobianco L., Di Caprio F., Altimari P., Astolfi M., Pagnanelli F. Since April 2020 she collaborate with CsquaRE, in order to do scientific dissemination in the field of circular economy and green chemistry. In October 2019 she got a bachelor in Industrial and Environmental Biotechnology, at Sapienza University of Rome (110). In this occasion she defended a thesis about arsenic removal from aqueous solutions using hydrothermal carbons from olive pomace. In October 2017 she defended her thesis in molecular biology (the over expression of ARF 5 gene in Arabidopsis Thailana) at Sapienza University of Rome (110 with honors).
Research activity
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Industrial chemistry
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