Giuseppe Fierro

- DATE OF BIRTH: 29 January 1961 - EDUCATION : 1974-1979 HIGH GRAMMAR SCHOOL 1979-1983 ITALIAN DOCTOR DEGREE IN CHEMISTRY - Magna cum Laude - Department of Chemistry - Faculty of Science - University of Rome 'SAPIENZA' - PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE # NATIONAL RESERACH COUNCIL (CNR) OF ITALY ( 25 YEARS) - since 1989 up today –Research Scientist c/o Institute for the Study of nanostructured Materials (Istituto per lo Studio dei Materiali Nanostrutturati) (ISMN) - UOS c/o University of Rome ‘SAPIENZA’ – Department of Chemistry / Rome # CENTRO SVILUPPO MATERIALI - DEVELOPMENT MATERIALS RESEARCH CENTRE (4 YEARS) - from 1985 to 1989 - Research Scientist (permanent job contract) - Rome. # ENEA (almost 1 YEAR) – 1985 Associate Research Scientist - ENEA – Rome Research Area Labs of Casaccia – as Consultant of / Studio ‘A.M.E.T.’ – Rome. # UNIVERSITY OF PITTSBURGH - FACULTY OF ARTS AND SCIENCE - DEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRY (1993 - 1994) - Pittsburgh - USA. # SOPHIA UNIVERSITY - DEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRY (2006) - Tokyo - JAPAN.
Research activity
Research activity: 
Environmental catalysis. Preparation of catalysts like (i) oxides having a spinel-type structure and ii) microporous (zeolites, as ZSM-5) or mesoporous (as MCM-41 zeotypes) materials containing transition metal ions (this part in collaboration with Prof. G. Moretti). . Study of the chemical, structural, magnetic, redox, spectroscopic properties as well as of the bulk and surface properties of catalysts based on oxides having a spinel structure Study of the catalytic activity of all these systems for nitrogen oxides abatement reactions as: i) decomposition of NO and N2O; ii) selective catalytic reduction (SCR) of NO and N2O by hydrocarbons and in the presence of O2., iii) abatement of NO and N2O by reduction to nitrogen with propane and propene. His research activity is mainly devoted to some fundamental topics of the heterogeneous catalysis, as the interaction bwtween the active phase and the support, the investigation of the nature of the active site, the study of the influence of the catalyst preparation method on the catalytic activity, the study of the correlation between the physical-chemical properties of the solid with its catalytic activity.

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