Giuliana Gigli

Giuliana Gigli. Coll.Tecn.E.R .; (Level IV). 01/16/1983 c/o ex C.S.M.R. Currently Institution for Biologicol Systems - Sec. Mec.Reaz. UOS of Rome. Managing Director of IMC CNR Dr. G. Mancini. Dr. C. Bombelli in charge of UOS – Rome. ACTIVITY : technical-scientific activities Lab. N. 164 Dep. Chem. (Responsible Dr. C. Bombelli). Processing of reports and scientific manuscripts in English. (LEVEL Proficiency C2 in the European reference framework and teaching). ADMINISTRATIVE in charge of UOS CNR pursuant to art. 30 of the Rules of Organisation and Functioning of the CNR. Head procedure CODE CNR. APPOINTED to the signature of all administrative, accounting and legal in the absence of the Head of UOS. RESPONSIBLE: DURC, CUP, Medical certificates, INPS Consip staff of UOS. RESPONSIBLE management, maintenance, and control of scientific instruments: gas chromatographs, gas-mass spectrophotometer and spectrofluorometer of UOS. NETWORK biblioghraphic research. SUPERVISION technical accounting of the funds allocated to the university staff of the Department of Chemistry and related management CINECA-MIUR; Collaboration with the university staff for product management and chemical solvents and scientific instrumentation provided by Department; ACTIVITY : technical and scientific projects related to national and international research, in collaboration with the CNR and university staff belongs to ISB. CONTACT internal security - Support work for the processing of the DVR, for the collection of documentation, including that dealing with requirements for staff training, for the information necessary to assess work-Coordinator of the management of the ISB CNR Library - Rome office risks and the status of implementation of measures improvement expected. RESPONSIBLE Registry Injuries. Relations with the U.P.P. CNR and with the ISB related to the requirements for employees surveillance health of UOS. Coordinator of the management of the ISB CNR Library -UOS - Rome Section.
Research activity
Scientific area: 
Organic chemistry
Research activity: 
Giuliana Gigli in her capacity as Assistant Tech. ER , ( level IV ) works closely with the National Research Council staff and with university staff connected with the Institute of Chemical Methodologies CNR in the following research areas: Supramolecular Chemistry , Colloid Chemistry , Chemistry of Radicals and Homogeneous Catalysis and Organometallic .

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