Angelo Cecinato

Dottorando in Scienze chimiche XXXIV Ciclo
Just short profile: Born in Taranto, Italy, on Oct 2, 1952. Graduated in Chemistry at Roma 1 "Sapienza" University on Jul 16, 1976 (score: 110 cum laude/110). At CNR as host (visitor researcher) from Jul 17, 1976 to Oct. 31, 1977, then granted by CNR-IIA (Institute of Atmospheric Pollution Research, CNR) up to May 31, 1982. Working at CNR-IIA since Jun 16, 1982, first as Researcher, then SeniorResearcher, Research Director and finally as Director of the Institute up to nowadays. Expert in Environmental Chemistry (organic toxicants, micro-pollutants, indoor pollution, emerging contaminants) and related analytical techniques. Author of a rich scientific production, including 148 ISI artilces; tutor for students to be graduated, doctorands and post-docs. coming from Italy and abroad.
Research activity
Scientific area: 
Analytical chemistry
Research activity: 
The focus of researches is Environmental Chemistry (air pollution) and Analytical Chemistry, with special concern for organic micro-contaminants (toxic chemicals, emerging, indoor, semi-volatile, gaseous...). Nowadays the major topics of investigations and scientific activity are: - indoor organic pollution and its links with internal and external sources; - "new contaminants" (endocrine disruptors, groups of chemicals regarded as emerging): psychotropic substances, pharmaceuticals, preservatives, additives..; - dust (settled particulate matter and powder): chemical composition and relationships with fine and ultra-fine particulates and gas phase.
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