About Us

Sapienza NMLab is a laboratory for metabolomics analysis based on Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) spectroscopy, which uses the JEOL JNM-ECZM 600 high resolution spectrometer purchased thanks to the funding of the 2016 "Large Equipment" project.

The spectrometer allows to perform mono- and two-dimensional measurements on a wide range of nuclei, it is equipped with a autosampler refrigerated down to -20°C to meet the requirements of a high-throughput field of application such as metabolomics analysis and a cryoprobe for experiments to achieve high sensitivity, particularly useful for spectra of nuclei such as 13C and 31P. For further information, visit the detailed pages.

For the use of the instruments, see the Access to the service page.

The team that manages NMLab is available to discuss potential experiments, as well as to agree on collaborations that include more advanced data analysis and interpretation.

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