NMLab, the NMR-based Metabolomics Laboratory is part of the Research Infrastructure of Sapienza University (SRI) and is an integrated system of equipment and knowledge mainly dedicated to metabolomic analysis. Its core center is the JNM-ECZ 600R high resolution NMR spectrometer, equipped with a 14.09 Tesla magnet, autosampler and cryoprobe acquired with the “Grandi Apparecchiature 2016” funding (CIG: 7644174BEE - CUP: B86J16002900005) of the Sapienza University.

The main activities of the Laboratory are:

  • Characterization of the metabolic profiles (phenotypes) of plant and animal living organisms
  • Characterization of the metabolic profiles of microbial, plant, animal and human cells in relation to genetic mutations or biotic or abiotic perturbations;
  • Identification of new biomarkers to improve clinical diagnosis and prognosis;
  • Identification of new metabolic targets in different human pathologies;
  • Evaluation of the effect of pharmacological, dietary or behavioral interventions on human and animal health;
  • Evaluation of possible side effects of drug treatments;
  • Evaluation of the interactions among diet, intestinal microbiota and human and animal metabolism in physiological and pathological states;
  • Customization of pharmacological and/or nutritional interventions on the basis of the metabolic phenotype of the individual (Precision Medicine and Nutrition);
  • Carrying out the integrated characterization of plant foods in relation to origin, soil and climatic and agronomic conditions;
  • Identification of bioactive compounds in food;
  • Designing functional foods and evaluation of their impact on health.
  • Evaluation of the steps of transformation of food products for process optimization
  • Evaluation of the steps of processes involved in the circular agricultural economy

The laboratory provides the necessary structures and skills for the preparation of samples for metabolomics analysis, acquisition of spectra, their processing and subsequent data analysis.

The characteristics of the JNM-ECZ 600R spectrometer do not limit its application to metabolomic analysis only, but rather allow its use in numerous other research topics such as, for example, the determination of molecular structure, the composition of mixtures and every application where high resolution mono and two-dimensional NMR spectra are needed.

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