In progress:

  • Sustainable cultivation of the medicinal plant Hypericum perforatum (L.): saprotiferous mushrooms of the soil for the promotion of growth and the induction of resistance (University Research Project 2018, Department of Environmental Biology). Responsible: Prof. A. M. Persiani, funding: € 31,000 + € 23,800 (scholarship)
  • Study of the metagenomic and metabolomic profiles of the intestinal microbiota and intestinal immunological network in children with Crohn's disease treated with partial enteral nutrition as a strategy to maintain remission from the disease (University Research Project 2018, Department of Pediatrics and Child Neuropsychiatry). Responsible: Prof. S. Cucchiara, funding: € 25,000
  • Identification and characterization of new epigenetic factors and metabolic control (University Research Project 2018, Department of Biology and Biotechnology "Charles Darwin"). Responsible: Prof. G. Camilloni, funding: € 12,500
  • Innovative strategies for quality milk (StraLaQ). MIPAFPT "MILK FUND" PROJECTS D.M. n. 27443 OF 09/25/2018. Responsible: Prof Stefano Materazzi. Department of Sapienza Chemistry - Department of Veterinary Medicine UNIMI. funding: € 281,579 (Sapienza share € 164,759)
  • Research contract with Azienda Agricola M. Aureli within the realization objectives of the project Sustainable innovation for quality food production - INNOPAQ: within the POR FESR Abruzzo 2014-2020 projects: Action lines 1.1.1 and 1.1.4 . Title of the research project: "Application of innovative analytical techniques for the optimization of the process phases: collection, transformation and conservation of vegetable products". Responsible: prof. Alfredo Miccheli. Funding € 65,000
  • Research Contract with Azienda Agricola M. Aureli "Development of new plant foods functional to the well-being of health and new food sanitization processes". Responsible: prof. Alfredo Miccheli, funding: € 39,000

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