two exmples of cryoprobeThe cryoprobe is the answer to the main limiting factor of NMR spectroscopy, i.e. its relative low sensitivity, especially on some important heteronuclei such as 13C, which have little natural abundance.

The principle on which the cryoprobe is based is to reduce the thermal noise of the receiver system (probe and preamplifier) ​​by keeping it at low temperature. The cryoprobe with which the NMLab NMR spectrometer is equipped is cooled with liquid nitrogen, at a temperature of around -200 ° C.


Liquid nitrogen cooling.
Liquid nitrogen refill without the need to stop the analysis.
Observable nuclei: 1H, 13C, 31P, 29Si or 15N.
Sensitivity: ≥1500 for 1H (with 0.1% Ethylbenzene sample, 1 scan), ≥870 for 13C (with ASTM sample, 1 scan).
Temperature range: -40 to + 150° C.
Autotuning compatible


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