The NMLab of the Sapienza University was born thanks to the funding obtained for a Project for Large Equipment of the  Sapienza University for a 600 MHz Nuclear magnetic resonance instrument with cryoprobe (Year: 2016, CIG: 7644174BEE - CUP: B86J16002900005).

The technical and administrative management is defined by the "NMLab Sapienza" Laboratory Regulations ("Regolamento", in the box on the side the original document).

The instrumental platform is managed by the Executive Committee, whose Coordinator is prof. Federico Marini. Its usage is coordinated by the technical manager.

The Executive Committee is made up of representatives of the six proposing Departments, including the proponents / co-proponents of the project, and the Administrative Manager (RAD) of the Department of Chemistry, dr. Claudio Lombardi.

The technical manager is dr. Giorgio Capuani, while the administrative management of the project was assigned to the Department of Chemistry.

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