Monthly Archives: April 2020

The algorithms page has been updated, with the addition of new Matlab functions and the revision of some of the older ones.
In particular, great effort has been put in making our functions for multi-block regression and classification (SO-PLS(-LDA) and SO-CovSel(-LDA)) more user friendly, richer in graphical outputs and generalizable to any number of predictor blocks.
Additionally, a set of functions for building and validating LDA models has also been added, while the ANOVA-TP toolbox has also been updated.

Together with Cyril Ruckebusch from the University of Lille (France), Federico Marini will co-chair the next edition of the Chemometrics in Analytical Chemistry (CAC2020) international conference.

CAC is the largest international conference dedicated to all aspects of chemometrics, data analysis and data science in analytical and applied chemistry. The conference historically attracts a diverse group of researchers from around the world.

After successful European editions of the conference in Budapest 2012 and Barcelona in 2016, that gathered more than 300 attendees each, and travel to Richmond in 2014 and Halifax in 2018, the 18th Chemometrics in Analytical Chemistry Conference that should have been held on the 21-26 of June, 2020 in Courmayeur (Italy).

However, the situation related to the COVID-19 emergency is currently affecting the organization of many conferences around the world and soon official decision will be taken also about the CAC.

More information will soon be available on the official website.