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It is a pleasure for us to announce the publication of the book Chemometrics in Food Chemistry, edited by Federico Marini.

This multi-authored monograph aims at covering as comprehensively as possible the issues related to the application and design of chemometric techniques to different ambits of food science. Its main intention is that of being usable both by food chemists that want to learn how the use of chemometrics can help them in many aspects of their work and by chemometricians having to deal with food-related problems. It is organized in two parts, a first part, that covers the theory and a second part presenting some selected applications of chemometrics to “hot topics” in food science. As this book aims to be read and used not only by “professional” chemometricians, all the topics, especially those in the theoretical part, are covered extensively starting from a beginner level up to an intermediate or advanced one. In the same theoretical part, description of the methods is accompanied by a wide use of examples taken from food science to illustrate how the different techniques can be fruitfully applied to solve real world food-related issues.