Access to the facility

Potential users can contact Nicolae Viorel Pavel and Alessandra Del Giudice ( A description of the technical features of the instrumentation and sample holders is available at the page Instrumentation.

Once the users' needs are defined, an application form with scientific, techical and safety details of the planned experiments has to be filled.

Users can access the instrumentation by contributing with a membership which allows for a certain machine time. The membership request can be placed by sending the filled form to the mail address, with also and in cc.

If needed, it is possible to perform preliminary experiments to verify feasibility.


The time required for the instrumental set-up and data acquisition vary considerably according to the type of sample and experiment. For long acquisitions with change of configuration and temperature the system allows for an optimal automation.

Two rates are therefore defined:

Rate I – dayly from 9 to 18

Rate II – nightly from 18 to 9


24-hour shifts

For Sapienza users the fees are (as reimbursement):

Rate I – 7 € /hour

Rate II– 3 €/hour

24-hour shift – 100 €

For other universities and research institutions: +30% increment

For companies: +150% increment

The membership amount can be defined in advance for future experimets, or calculated at the end of the measurements on the basis of the reported fees.

The collected data will be pre-elaborated and provided as .edf files (2D images) and 1D ASCII files in absolute units (if possible) as a function of the scattering vector. In standard cases dimensional parameters are estimated. For more complex data analysis and interpretation it will be possible to charge a proper nuber of hours corresponing to Rate I (non-Sapienza non-profit: +25%; companies:+100%).


According to the approved regulations, these fees can undergo updates after the first six months of work.

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