Nicolae Viorel Pavel

professore ordinario
Nicolae Viorel Pavel was born on 1949. From 1990 he is full professor in Physical Chemistry at the Department of Chemistry of the University of Rome "La Sapienza". Scientific fields of interest: 1) Crystal and molecular structures of inclusion compounds; 2) Conformational analysis, structure and morphology of synthetic and biological macromolecules; 3) Structure and physico-chemical properties of micellar aggregates; 4) X-ray absorption studies of metallo-aminoacid complexes in solution; 5) Methodological improvement of XAS data analysis: spherical waves, multiple scattering contribution in ordered and disordered systems; multiple excitations; asymmetric radial distribution functions and three-body distribution functions, calculated from Molecular Dynamics simulations, used as starting models in the data analysis of molecules and ions in solution and in micellar aggregates; hydrogen signal contribution to the XAS spectra of ions in solution; 6) Study of supramolecular systems in solution; 7)Structural studies on proteins: folding/unfolding, interactions, antidenaturant mechanisms.
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